Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Now I'm not the worlds biggest Ghostbusters fan, that would be Dan Amrich. I'm just a guy birthed in the late 70's. When I was young, the ghostbusters were friggin' HUGE, and as such, they were everywhere. From T-shirts and coffee mugs to music videos and videogames. Videogames? Yes!! Videogames!! Boy was I excited to play this. That was until I actually played it on my Commie64.

I was initially very excited to be playing this. I mean look, it was the mid 80's, I booted the game up, and saw this. How cool is that, the music playing through the Commodores sound chip was a thing of beauty and with karaoke bouncing ball lyrics in tow, I was sure I was in for a thrill ride.

Then the first thing you were tasked with was decking out your very own Ecto-1. All this did was get my expectations even higher. You mean I get to pick my own car and fit it with all the equipment I desire!! Err, I mean can afford!! Yes!! How cool is that!!

Let the game begin! So now your tasked with god knows what. Get used to this screen, cuz it's about all your ever gonna see. All the ghosts are making a run at the Zuul building, and your supposed to catch them I guess, in which case you can drive to them and suck them up with your cars vacuum cleaner, just like the movie!!

Notice the cool vacuum on the hood, just like the movie!!! So this is what I spent most of my time doing, and it never really seemed to amount to much other than make you money.

Other than the pointless ghost sucking, occasionally a building on the map screen would flash red, and you could drive there sucking up ghost on the way, finally arriving to try and capture a ghost. Just like the movie!!! (This time without the sarcasm) This also didn't amount to much. You have now been privy to the entire Ghostbusters Commodore 64 experience I had.

That's why I'm actually looking forward to the new Ghosbusters game coming in June. With all the voice actors, minus Rick Moranis because he's a whiny little millionaire who shrunk his kids, and the beautiful screenshots we have all seen, it couldn't possibly be as bad as the Commie64 version. Maybe the boys will finally be given the game they deserve.

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THE GAME025 said...

What you said reminds me of what the AVGN said on his review of ghostbusters for the NES.