Sunday, February 1, 2009

You Are Dead, Dead, Dead...

First let me say this, if there is one thing the current generation of consoles have definitely done right, it's finally ushering in the era of wireless controllers as standard equipment. Since the dawn of the N.E.S. third party companies have made wireless controllers, very poorly I might add. Be it lag, flaky connections, or just plain old poor build quality, they never were a suitable replacement for the standard issue human interface devices.

There is one issue I have recently encountered however, proprietary charging cables. You see, at this moment, I am in a land far, far away from human civilization known as Randle, WA. My controllers have had there life force extinguished, and I have no way to charge them due to my own negligence. I left my play and charge kit at home. I can't go back to using AA batteries because they require a cradle that gets discarded when using a rechargeable battery pack. They charge with a USB cable that has a proprietary connector on one end ($20). If they used a standard USB device cable($5), there would be no issue. Of course this would lead to smaller profits for Microsoft by a few thousand dollars per year, and we can't have that, can we.

I love wireless controllers, I hate proprietary.

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