Thursday, August 20, 2009


There have been quite a few announcements at GamesCom in Cologne this year. Some interesting, others not so much for me, but regardless it has been impressive enough to almost rival E3 announcements. Almost. I don't feel it possesses the panache and spectacle of E3, or the density, although it certainly has brought more to bear than was anticipated on my part.

I figured I would put up some videos regarding said announcements, and give a little input along the way.

Alan Wake gameplay footage

I'm certainly not looking as forward to this as most as I'm not a survival horror fan. However seeing it in action finally is a thing of beauty, considering it originally debuted at E3 2005. I wish Remedy well on this one.

Diablo III footage

Love it or hate it, Diablo III is coming. As with any Blizzard game, I will get it, play it for a week, and never touch it again. Somehow, I'm okay with that.

Fable III teaser

Probably my most anticipated announcement. Ever since Theme Park, I will always buy what Peter Molyneux is selling, no matter how much he over-promises and under-delivers.

Dirt 2 trailer

I'm not a fan of rally racing, although unlike drift "racing", the first one to cross the finish line wins. That makes it real racing and therefore the sport gets my respect. Not my money though, Forza 3 has already won that bid in the racing genre this year.

Tony Hawk Ride vid

I haven't been a Tony Hawk fan since Tony Hawk 2. I personally think it will fail miserably. We already have enough peripherals, at least I do between the PC, Wii and Guitar Hero/Rock Band on the 360. If I get another one, it will be a Hori stick, not a crappy fake skateboard.

Dragon Age: Origins trailer

Bioware. RPG. Any questions?

Tekken 6 trailer

I have never been a Tekken fan. But I am a fighter fan, so I must have it by default.

Castlevania Lord of Shadows extended trailer

It's Castlevania hopefully done well for the first time in years. My fingers are crossed, I'm guessing yours are also.

So there you have it, some of the highlights and low-lights from GamesCom thus far. Thanks to Kotaku, Joystiq and 1up for making their videos embeddable. If you want to see more from GamesCom, Check out these sites:




Giant Bomb


Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Trust me, there is a lot more out there from the show, these are some great sites to get you started. As always, it's late, I am tired, so that's all you get for today kiddies. Perhaps some more nuggets will come your way tomorrow.

Last minute edit: I completely forgot about this, amongst others as well. But I am especially excited about this. Dante's Divine Comedy and I have had a long sordid history together, and finally seeing it in my favorite medium for entertainment could be impeccably awesome, or an abysmal failure. I'm hoping for the former.

As usual, I apologize for the large gap between the text and Giant Bomb video. I can't seem to find what needs to be changed in their default HTML for the vid, hence why I rarely embed their stuff.

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