Monday, June 1, 2009

E3 Shiznit!! A.K.A. E3 coverage from my LA-Z-BOY!!

It's E muthafuckin'3

Why do any real work when you can have others do it for you!! All the coverage you need, without any of the effort!!

  • Live Streaming:

Gamespot live conference streaming HERE.

Revision3 live streaming HERE.

IGN live streaming HERE. (requires shitty player install)

  • Podcastic audio & video:

Mobcast #5 E3 2009 HERE.

TalkRadar E3 special 2 HERE.

Hotspot E3 Day 3 HERE.

Joystiq E3 podcast: Carl's Jr. edition HERE.

TalkRadar E3 special 1 HERE.

Bungie Studios podcast HALO 3: ODST 6/2/2009 HERE.

Hotspot E3 day 2 HERE.

E3 2009 Nintendo Voice Chat podcast Ep. 49 @ IGN HERE.

Totally Rad Show 115 HERE.

CO-OP 113 @ E309 HERE.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun Left 4 Dead 2 podcast HERE.

Hotspot E3 day 1 HERE.

ListenUP podcasts HERE.

Keep up with the Giant Bomb crew HERE.

Major Nelson posted the audio from the Microsoft E3 presser. Get it HERE.

Joystiq's last minute pre-E3 podcast can be found HERE.

  • E3 coverage overload:








The Escapist





  • Driftless Poppycock:

GamesRadar liveblog: Microsoft Nintendo Sony

Microsoft E3 presser pics from Major Nelson HERE.

A letter from Marc Whitten HERE.

Forza 3 screens @ Kotaku HERE.

Microsoft E3 round-up @ Kotaku HERE.

GamesRadar ruling E3, but where's Duke Lombardi? HERE.

XBLA Summer of Arcade Media Round-up @ Joystiq HERE.

Microsoft presser analysis @ Edge HERE.

Oh sweet, sweet Ayane! NGII Sigma footage @ Kotaku HERE.

Giant Bomb bullet points for day 1 of E3 HERE.

Mass Effect 2 screens and vid @ Kotaku HERE.

eat. sleep. game. E3 musings day zero HERE.

Testing Milo @ Kotaku HERE.

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra screens @ Teamxbox HERE.

Forza 3 hands on @ IGN HERE.

Alan Wake hands on @ IGN HERE.

360 games on demand @ Edge HERE.

E3 Monday, What we didn't see @ Giant Bomb HERE.

Crysis 2 @ Rock, Paper, Shotgun HERE.

Jeff Green on his My Sims Agents demo HERE.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 @ Kotaku HERE.

Team Ninja on Metroid: Other M @ Joystiq HERE.

Nintendo unveils Wii Vitality Sensor @ Edge HERE.

Nintendo bullet points @ Giant Bomb HERE.

PSP Go Hands-on @ Kotaku HERE.

Fallout 3 Point Lookout trailer @ Joystiq HERE.

Nintendo & Sony bullet points @ Giant Bomb HERE.

Nintendo presser analysis @ Edge HERE.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 XBLA screens @ IGN HERE.

GamesRadar's Absurd E3 Photo Diary HERE. (continually updated)

E3 09 Booth Babes @ GamesRadar HERE.

Sony presser analysis @ Edge HERE.

Zelda coming in 2010 at the earliest @ Joystiq HERE.

E3: The Story So Far @ Edge HERE.

Special thanks to GamesRadar, I asked and they truly provided greatness. This is where all the real magic at E3 happens!!

P.S. Let me know if I'm missing something you want here. I'll put it up.

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