Sunday, June 28, 2009

Little Annoyances

Why must I specify a file name for a save? What's wrong with save001, save002, save003 etc.? Was the development team for (insert any desired game name with said affliction here) so pressed for time they couldn't handle this type of advanced automation? I seriously have to scoot my lazy ass forward, grab the keyboard and type "hkgvmhvknbcbj" to save my game? really?

Why, in 2009, are videogame characters still incapable of walking up and down stairs properly. I can see the steps, and I can see my characters feet, why can't they make proper contact? Also, what do animators do all day? Because they obviously don't spend their time making the characters foot speed match the distance traveled in every game ever.

I also love spending more time in game menus than playing the actual game.

What is with all the really bad and overly annoying little puzzle bits in action games? Look assholes, I bought an action game, I want an action game, not fucking Pipe Dream you pricks!!

How about obnoxious load times for games that are obviously not even coming close to taxing hardware? CLEAN UP YOUR GODDAMN CODE!! Seriously, I would give anything to work in the industry as a game programmer. How about taking some pride in your work? If you hate your job so much, quit so someone hungry to make something great may come along to replace your sorry ass. Should Return to Castle Wolfenstein really take longer to load on current hardware than Left 4 Dead? No, no it shouldn't.

Oh, and how can anyone forgive games that wont even allow you to pause? What the hell is the point of that? "I'd love to help save that dying neighbor kid over there honey, but I can't pause this game and I have spent way too much time getting to this point." Natural selection I suppose.

As if not pausing isn't bad enough, how about games that only have save points about three hours apart? Seriously, WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? We have the technology to save anywhere at anytime these days. It's not 1985 anymore and the average gamer is no longer eight years old. Some of us have shit to do and wouldn't like to play the last two and a half hours over because we got called into a work emergency. Any programmer that has done this intentionally I have two words for you: FUCK YOU!!!

*Rage Quit*