Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting Amped For E3 and Forza 3

So I personally am getting a little excited for a Forza 3. It's probably been one of the worst kept secrets in the industry in a while, but in case you don't know, Forza 3 will be shown at E3. I am a petrol head and can't wait for it's release. So while thinking about Forza 3, I decided to play some Forza 2. I also felt it was time to show off some of my favorite creations, however not as impressive as some of what you can find at the auction house, still labors of love for me. I'm not that artistic, so most of my designs are based off, or inspired by real race cars. So here we go...

This is based off the Redline Racing Integra. I own a Teggie, so I love Teggie's. It's been slightly modified and updated with more current company logo's for some. I also went with the Japanese DC2 as opposed to the U.S. version. Not because of the headlight differances, but for performance reasons.

This is an Aston Martin that is a dream to drive. I took the color scheme from one that appeared on an episode of Top Gear, and took it from there.

This one is completely original. It's an NSX purely inspired by the look of race cars. This is one of my personal favorites to use in competition, and I just wanted to attempt to make it pretty. She handles like a dream and I call her "Red Cap". Yes, I'm also a fan of The Unit.

This 2008 BMW M3 is lean and clean just like it should be. The only addition to the paintjob is the plate on the rear. Black rims, blacked out windows and a sexy electric blue paintjob. It's also fast as hell.

This was the first car I ever attempted a paintjob on. I figured that I couldn't make a Civic any uglier, so why not. It's been altered a few times over the past couple of years, and in the interest of good taste, I can't show you the bonnett.

So there you have it. I have several others, so perhaps I will revisit this topic in the future to show off some more.

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