Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Friday Folks

It's Memorial Day weekend, and I'm going to be gone. Here's hoping for some enjoyment of the outdoors. But not all gaming goodness will be lost however. I myself will be taking some podcasts for listening goodness. Here's some suggestions for exactly that.

Listen Up: 1up's flagship podcast. Not my favorite podcast since the UGO buyout and the death of EGM, but it's usually posted earlier on Friday's than most.

KOXM: Official Xbox Magazine's podcast. Dan and Ryan are good people and entertaining to listen to. Although Ryan is gone this week. Xbox fanboy's only.

T'dar: The GamesRadar podcast. My personal favorite. It just seems to get uploaded late, so keep checking the link if you're interested. It will eventually show up on the front page. EDIT: It's up and the link has been updated to reflect that fact.

NO BS Podcast: Maximum PC's podcast. Not gaming related, and as of recently not always on time either. But Gordon Mah Ung's rants are priceless.

That pretty much fills up my weekend listening. Sometimes though, you may just have missed something earlier in the week. In case you missed something, these are for you.

Bombcast: Jeff, Ryan, Vinny and Brad. You can't go wrong.

Rebel FM: I gave up on it a while ago, but alot of people dig it.

Three Red Lights: You can't spell ignorant without IGN, and IGN's Xbox podcast proves this theory like no other, but it's still kinda fun.

Geekbox: The spiritual successor to GFW radio. Great podcast covering all things geek.

Now that should get you set for a weekend of podcast goodness.

I will also be getting down on some oldschool gaming while I'm away. I'd really like to play less than more though. The more I play, the less I ride because of some stupid fuel delivery issue. Well, anyhoo. Have a great Memorial Day weekend everybody, and give our fallen a moment of silence.

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